What's new

List of recent changes:

2007-03-29. Added: Sekitori-Oracle Win-Loss Records page.

Added SQ detailed results per player page.

2007-04-08. Added: Past tournaments results; Faster loading of results pages.

2007-04-09. Improved Oracle Entry Form.

2007-04-10. Added Sekitori-Quad Entry Form based on banzuke.

2007-04-13. Adedd footer on SO Detailed Results Page

2007-04-24. Added some stats for SO

2007-05-01. Added "delete account" button on Edit Profile Page

2007-05-09. Added SQ Sansho Standings

2007-05-13. Added customization of page size in SO Entry Form (in Edit profile page, "Preferences" section)

Added mail confirmation for Sekitori-Quad entries

2007-06-26. Added mail confirmation for Sekitori-Oracle entries

2007-07-22. Modified S-O Gino-Sho rule. Now rikishi who have been absent during the basho (at least one day) are excluded from Gino-Sho scoring.

2007-07-28. Added banzuke pages for Seki-Oracle and Seki-Quad.

2007-11-25. Site moved to other place.

2008-01-11. Added user name as default shikona in registration process.

2008-02-19. Added 3 new Sekitori-Quad stats pages.

2008-02-19. Added change e-mail address functionality in Edit Profile page.

2008-03-02. Added Tie-Breaker (TB) field to SQ sansho and overall standings.

2008-04-24. Added second Tie-Breaker (TBR) field to SQ sansho and overall standings.

2008-04-26. Improved row numbering in result pages.

2008-04-27. Added results on banzuke pages.

2008-05-02. Added yusho and sansho winners to banzuke pages.

2008-05-04. Added results history pages (click shikona on banzuke page to see it).

2008-06-12. Reorganized About page, added What's new page. Added some new stuff to the main (Default) page

2008-06-20. Limited basho lists (got rid of bashos, for which there was no data)

2008-06-20. Improved data caching (there should be less requests to database which should make the website work faster)

2008-06-21. Removed unnecessary drop-down postbacks on results pages

2008-07-07. Added unknown flag

2008-07-07. "Remember Me" finally works!

2008-07-13. Added flags to banzuke

2008-08-03. Completed all past Seki-Quad banzuke and results

2008-09-06. Extended allowed character set for password validation with following characters: _!@#$%^&*()-+.,:;<>{}=|?/

2008-10-08. Added Odd Sumo formula demo page

2008-10-22. Added Odd Sumo registration page, entry form, daily, overall and detailed results pages and also banzuke page.

2008-10-27. Added Odd Sumo sansho standings and win-loss records pages.

2008-11-30. Added Odd Sumo stats.

2009-01-27. Added Hall of Fame pages.

2009-02-05. Added records pages.

it's been a while...

2014-03-07. Player's results history - now works much faster.

2014-03-07. Sekitori Quadrumvirate confirmation email contains list of previously picked rikishi (useful in case of server problems).

2014-03-07. New Odd Sumo record type - career earnings.

2014-03-07. New personal records page (available after clicking shikona in banzuke and then selecting "Games Records" from dropdown).

2015-05-26. SalaryCap Sumo entry form, rikishi cost page and overall standings page. More to come.

2015-07-09. SalaryCap Sumo banzuke page