Odd Sumo is a sumo-based game taking place every odd-numbered month, when a hon-basho occurs. The purpose of Odd sumo is to play with the odds associated to sumo bouts. Odd Sumo is part of the SUPER BANZUKE.


A player must register before the basho, in the “Register for Basho” section, and choose whether to play or request kosho status for the upcoming tournament. A player cannot have multiple accounts.

At the beginning of the tournament, a total of 30 ANTE points is given to all players in order to place bets.

Each day, a player has the possibility to place a bet of 1, 2 or 3 ANTE points on a selection of rikishi, in the “Entry Form” section, and the total ANTE points will evolve depending on the outcome of the selected bouts. The daily deadline to place bets is set at 2pm JST.

If a player is left with less than 1 ANTE points, that player cannot place any bet anymore for the remainder of the tournament.

There is no obligation to play each day, however, in order to be classified, a player is required to spend at least 15 ANTE points across the entirety of the tournament.


For each full-makuuchi bout, quotas are computed for the two rikishi with a mysterious formula that considers the differences between banzuke rankings, both rikishi current tournament results and the last contests between the two rikishi.

In order to play, a player is required to pick a minimum of three and a maximum of six rikishi. The bet of 1, 2 or 3 ANTE points is subtracted from the total. The win factor is computed as such: all the individual quotas of selected rikishi are multiplied together, and the outcome is multiplied with the initial bet (1, 2 or 3).

In case all selected rikishi win their bout, the total win factor is credited to the ANTE points account of the player. If only one rikishi lose his bout, the bet is lost. In case one or several of selected rikishi are involved in a bout that does not take place because he or his opponents retires from the tournament, the bout’s quotas are set to 1 and the outcome of the bout is not relevant (in fusen-pai cases, the player can still win the bet if all remaining rikishi in the selection do win their bouts).

Scoring is rounded to the hundredth of point.


The player that finishes the tournament with the higher number of points wins. All players are ranked in decreasing order of points.

In case of tie for first place, the following tie-breaking criteria are used:

  1. Lowest number of ANTE spent
  2. Highest single winning bet
  3. Higher number of winning bets this tournament
  4. Higher rank on the Banzuke
  5. Earliest registration time (if several unranked players are involved)


The Big Play prize is given to the kachi-koshi player with the highest amount of points bet

The Big Win prize is given to the kachi-koshi player with the highest single win factor

The Big Calm prize is given to the kachi-koshi player with the lowest win factor across the basho


A sumo-style win-loss record will be computed at the end of the tournament. For that purpose, the players will be divided in two groups: players ranked in makuuchi and other players.

A player can request an absence without loss of rank. However, a second absence in a row will result in a 0-15 record.

If a player fails to spend the minimal number of ANTE points to be bet (set at 15), that player will be given a 0-15 record.


After each tournament, the Odd Sumo banzuke is modified according to the results of the tournament, in the same fashion as the real sumo banzuke.

Players will be demoted or promoted according to their results, and for special ranks following the common promotion and demotion rules as such used in professional sumo.